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About the Firm


The Law Offices of Marc J. Schwartz, a professional law corporation, specializes in estate and business planning, as well as real estate law, and is dedicated to helping its clients protect their personal and business assets by offer premier solutions with a personal touch.

Marc Schwartz, founder and principal of the Law Offices of Marc J. Schwartz, started the firm with the intent of practicing law in a different way, with a firm built around clients and not around hourly billing.

Mr. Schwartz understood what it meant to be a client oriented attorney since he spent much of his early career as general counsel for a large, family owned business specializing in real estate acquisitions. As the general counsel for this business, Mr. Schwartz was always focused on asset planning and protection, and how to get things done in a manner that most benefited his employer, both in terms of time and money. Mr. Schwartz grew to become a trusted advisor to the entire family. While Mr. Schwartz gained extensive experience working with institutional lenders and buyers, his passion was working with the family in order to meet their specific needs. When Mr. Schwartz decided to launch his own firm, his goal was to create a firm where he could provide the same type of personalized service that he provided to his former employer to individuals and families in his community.

On a personal level, Mr. Schwartz understands what it means to have proper planning in place. His father, who was the quite the entrepreneur in starting several business businesses and in acquiring real estate, was moved into an assisted living home at the very young age of 63 with multiple forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately, proper planning was not put in place, and as the attorney in his family, he was forced to deal with many of the ramifications which resulted from that lack of planning. One of his goals for the firm is to educate his community on the why planning is important, at any age, and prevent other families from experiencing the hassle and pain that comes from not having a thoughtful plan in place.

Mr. Schwartz received his undergraduate degree from the University of California Berkeley, and his law degree from Pepperdine University, where he graduated mangna cum laude. Mr. Schwartz is a member of the California Bar, and is recognized as a Personal Family Lawyer and Creative Business Lawyer by the Family Wealth Institute. Mr. Schwartz is an active member in several charitable organizations, and resides in Tarzana with his wife and three children.