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Special Offers

There are several offers and discounts we make throughout the year.  We may have a monthly campaign or a special offer at an event like an expo or a presentation.  Check here frequently or call us at 818-804-4691 to get more information on our latest deals.

I will waive the regular $750 Planning Session fee when you schedule and keep your appointment this month for a “Family Wealth Planning Session.”

Your Little One is All Grown Up. An Adult in the Eyes of the Law Now. And She’ll Always Be Your Baby.

Now that she is an adult, if your little one is in an accident or needs medical care or hospitalization, you will not have access to her medical records unless you take important legal planning steps immediately.

One of the best ways for you to show your family  you love them is to put all of your family’s’ financial ducks in a row and make sure your kids are taken care of by people you LOVE … no matter what!


During this session you will;

  • Choose the Right Guardians for Your Kids and avoid making any of the 6 common mistakes people make during this process!
  • Get Your Financial House in Order and Keep it that Way!
  • Learn How to Prepare Your Kids for Life Without You!
  • Discover How To Legally Avoid ALL Estate Taxes!
  • Learn the Secret to Protecting Your Kid’s Inheritance From Lawsuits and Divorce!
  • Discover How to Leave Your Loved Ones a Gift Far Greater Than All the Money in the World!

Call our office now, schedule a Family Wealth Planning Session and mention our June Grads Special.

We will not only waive the $750 planning fee, but we will also prepare a free medical directive for your young adult child(ren) so you stay in control.

The Planning Session is Absolutely FREE and there is NO OBLIGATION and NO PRESSURE.

Book today and take advantage of this offer!

Call 818-804-4691or e-mail me
and say you want Fathers Day or Graduation Offer.

My gift to you has a value of $800 value, but is worth so much more to your family.
Limit one offer per family.